How To Start Painting and Drawing

I’ve lost count of how many times people say ‘Oh I can’t draw and paint’ It seems it’s the standard statement to avoid any embarrassment of drawing something ┬áthat won’t look like anything!! There in lies the problem – the belief that ‘all’ drawing and painting has to ‘look like something’

Essentially all drawing and painting is a creative process and conveys an emotion, a feeling expressed in the way it’s expressed. Sadly through ill conceived art education we are taught from an early age that self expression doesn’t fit the curriculum. We are taught that drawing and painting has to be xy and z or it’s ‘not right’ which in my book Very Wrong!

As children we just painted our own story, had fun and enjoyed ourselves, that is, until someone said it wasn’t what we said it was or told it was silly, not good enough etc.

Yes there is obviously a technique to drawing and we need knowledge to know how to use different mediums but not at a expense of loosing our natural creative ability.

For all adults out there who believe you can’t draw, I implore you to pick up a pen or a pencil and just doggle play!

In this video I will show you an easy creative way to enjoy drawing and painting again. Get totally absorbed in the art of making marks and finish feeling refreshed, relaxed and happy you took the plunge into discovering the magic of art.





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