What are the top 3 reasons why everyone should paint!

Do you remember when you were a kid and painting was a real way to express yourself, tell a story and most importantly enjoy yourself!

It was natural and normal to paint and draw without self criticism. It was our first encounter to communicating what we were feeling. You probably drew mummy and daddy with big smiles and funny teeth, your house with a wonky chimney, your dog, your cat, monsters, or whatever you felt like at the time. kids drawing It was fun to show your mum and it might even have found pride of place on the fridge door!  I still have drawings that my son did when he was little and he’s now 37!  It was a special time and holds some treasured memories.

So when did you stop enjoying painting those stories?  Most likely when you went to school and someone laughed at your wonderful drawing you did, or said it was stupid or your teacher said it was’t good enough. And that was it, you lost your confidence and never drew again.

But there are plenty of times you’ve scribbled on the side of a piece of paper, made some interesting circles or squares without even thinking about it, right. You knew they were just scribbles and never give them a second thought. But those scribbles are miniature drawings, something that you did without thinking, expressions trying to get your attention.Scribbles2

And this is the first reason, as we’re all desperate to get back in touch with ourselves, and drawing does that naturally without a second thought. It gives us a sense of consecutiveness to what’s going inside of us.

Reason two, it really does sooth the soul. It’s scientifically proved that drawing and painting releases stress. Once you get started a different part of the brain kicks in and puts the stress on the backburner

Reason three it’s fun, enlightening and creative.  In the rush of our busy materialistic lives it’s important to recognise that we are all creative beings and drawing and painting is a key to opening up to that fun creative part of ourselves that rarely gets a look in

Here’s a short video to help you get started


Do a scribble now! I bet you will enjoy it!

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