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Painting Course

For Beginners

Is This You?

When you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed or looking at Pinterest and you see a beautiful abstract painting, do you think?


 I wonder how she did THAT?! What brushes and colours did she use? What kind of paint? Is it acrylic, oil or watercolour? So many questions!


I'm just a beginner; no way can I just paint this! I wouldn't even know where to start or what to do


Are you asking yourself ‘What's her technique?’ Or is it just following "intuition"? How do I even tap into my intuition? It's all very confusing.


I see she's doing layers, but I always land up with a muddy mess.


I wonder where she gets her inspiration from! My mind is usually as blank as the blank canvas in front of me.


                                       You have the inner desire to learn how to                                                      paint, you want to express yourself and you                                                know that abstract painting is what you want to                                          do but don't know how.


So you get stuck, right?


It's frustrating and super annoying because although the desire to paint is there, you feel like you're lacking some serious insight and the creative know how to know how to start ?


Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are a great source for inspiration as artists are showing off their cool work there but.. nobody shares the complete process of HOW THEY DO WHAT THEY DO!


But Now You can get to know the Whole Process! 


It might look like abstract painting is easy and has no structure or technique, you just splash colours on a canvas and they turn into a magical creation. but here's a lot more to it than meets the eye!

Every artist has their own special sauce for creating. They have certain steps, favorite techniques and tools. Even if it all looks super random, the randomness has been achieved by a process of learning. 


Painting can be intuitive and expressive, a translation of your inner voice.. But you're gonna be much more effective with putting yourself on the canvas once you actually learn HOW. 


If you feel a bit lost while you're painting, that's because you only have 50% of the equation. 


In Abstract Painting you still need an understanding of colour, tone values, contrast and composition to get the results you're looking for. to be able to really express yourself in your painting. and that's what this course is all about! 

  • Simple yet creative ways to draw

  • How to turn those drawings into paintings

  • How to access your natural creativity

  • How to draw and paint your emotions

  • How to use colour to express yourself

  • Simple and effect composition techniques

  • Finding contrast and tone value in your paintings

  • How to put it all together 

If you'd like to venture into this wonderful world of abstract art then join me on this exciting and fascinating journey and discover for yourself your own unique and special style of painting.

Some Great Projects Where You'll Discover Magical Things In Your Art! 


See Amazing Transformations In Your Painting!


This to This!

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Let's Make Some Awesome Art Together 

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