Hi There! Let me introduce myself

My name is Joy Fahey and I'm a full-time artist and teacher

A Little History - Who Am I

I come from Manchester, UK and now live in Mojacar, Almeria, Southern Spain.


I started painting seriously in my early 20's after a dramatic family event where my first son sadly died. Painting was a way to sooth myself and get my life back together. I began with watercolours, I became fascinated with the work of William Turner and my interest in art really began. After some time my passion for painting just kept increasing and I realised I was quite good at it! Taking a leap of faith I jumped into it seriously and was accepted as a mature student in Fine Art at Manchester College of Art. That set me on a whole new adventure.

Finishing my course I was fortunate enough to travel to many countries and spent long periods of time in the USA, South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. This had a great impact and influence on the development of my artwork. After 3 years I landed back in the UK and had a break for a while and went into business with the sole intention of earning enough money to paint full time.  Achieving this I moved to Spain in 2000 and set up an Art Studio and School in Marbella (Malaga), teaching and painting.

It was all very exciting when just starting out on my teaching journey the BBC TV programme Living in the Sun featured me filming one of my workshops, which was great fun by the way! 

In 2020 I moved to Mojacar, Almeria, seeking a new adventure after the corona virus broke out and have a beautiful new studio to work in! 


Teaching - 

From my own experience I know the value I gained from starting to paint. It's not only a 'healer' and very therapeutic, it deepens your awareness of the your own creativity and also increases your appreciation for the beauty of life. You start to see things different, it opens your eyes to new perspectives,  both inside and out with colour, shapes and contrast that are all around us. This is a constant source of inspiration for myself but also in my teaching.

I love sharing this with my students, it's a wonderful feeling to see someone suddenly get an 'aha' moment when they see something really clearly and understand it. It's also very heart warming when someone starts painting to help them 'get over' something.  I know how it helped me and can very much empathise and contribute to the healing process through painting.


How Do I Paint

I work everyday, this is why I'm still here today! Constantly striving to learn more and extend my ability, my passion for painting just keeps growing and growing. I think I will most probably die with a brush in my hands! My energy and determination is relentless and I never settle for second best. When you buy into my art you get the whole experience, you get my heart and soul!

I love painting in both oils and acrylics but mostly in acrylics, which weren't around when I first started painting! They have been a revelation in themselves! You can do so many different things with them, they can look like watercolour, oil, have lots of textures you name it acrylics can do it!! I've used them with experimenting in many different styles from big abstract pieces to refined landscapes. Exploring my own creativity has been my inspiration, I've never stuck to one particular style as, to me, I love discovering new ways of painting.  I do different collections on a subject, as you'll see in my Gallery, I like to explore that particular method or feeling at the time and they all have a story behind them which have a lot of meaning to me. 

I've had many exhibitions, both in Spain and the UK most recently at the CAC Picasso Museum in Mijas Pueblo as well as being represented by the Rimon Gallery, Marbella. I work with Interior Designers and international clients, including the Saudi Royal family, and my paintings are hanging on walls in many countries across the world.

Painting For You 

Being asked to do a particular painting is one of the best feelings in the world!

Your journey into buying art should be an enjoyable one and hassle free. The way I do things gives you just that – something unforgettable. My love of colour is evident in all my pieces,  as is the ability to create many different styles, be it large abstracts to beautiful landscape views of somewhere special. and turn them into spectacular finished pieces.You want something that celebrates your individuality, that's unique and specially for you then I can deliver! 


If this is something you're interested then here are a few examples