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“Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” – Albert Einstein

, Hello Dear Friends Maybe you'd agree with me, that even though we've all been through this awful lockdown period, the time at home has provoked many people to start and learn a new hobby or do things they've not had time to do before. Certainly, for me, it's been an interesting time and, like so many others, I've had to pull some new things out of the bag to survive! I'd heard about Skillshare a while back and even put a short class on their platform but hadn't really taken it seriously until a few months ago. In the depths of the lockdown, wondering how I could move forward with my work I revisited it and was amazed at what was happening on there! Actually it quite blew my mind, as there are so many creative people teaching so many creative classes! So I decided to go into action and now have 2 classes on there, Painting a Lily Pond and Abstract Painting and Drawing from Start to Finish! And I'm delighted and feel very honoured to be part of this great group of teachers! But enough about me, what's more important is, if you're interested and want to learn any creative activity you'll find it on Skillshare! Obviously I'd love you to try my classes, however, I realise not everyone wants to paint Abstracts! Honestly don't miss this opportunity to see for yourself! If you go to this LINK you can check out all the wonderful lessons available and you have 2 weeks Free to decide if you want to join the monthly membership. . I think sharing all kinds of creative activities helps all of us don't you? Being creative in whatever form it takes makes you feel good and what could be better than that! This little video sums it all up!

See For Yourself Here

Share the Love! Maybe you have a friend or family member who loves all things creative!

Then Share this link with them! As Albert Einstein Said “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” ! Some Classes on Skillshare

  • Acrylic, Watercolour & Oil Painting

  • Photography

  • Different Technologies.

  • Social Media Help

  • Illustration.2d

  • Animation.and Much More!

And if Abstract Painting is something you'd like to do then join me on this exciting and fascinating journey and discover for yourself your own unique and special style of painting. CLICK HERE To Start Your FREE Class Now

And to Get You In the Mood How About This!

Painting is My Happy Place!