The Painting Process

'Through the Door' Acrylic on Canvas 54x74cm

The interesting process of developing a painting is always exciting to me. As the vision starts to materialize, inspiration comes and the picture unfolds. The under painting is always important to me as it gives me something to work with and leads me to the next step. This painting has a lot of meaning for me - its 2 halves are symbolic as a dream like journey into another world. The Blues and Purples are a lovely contrast to the soft pastel colours of the background

The under painting started with a yellow ochre and then the second layer with strong colours

I developed the colours and let it unfold into shapes and direction and the colours brightened into softer pastels. The picture started coming to life and ideas and shapes appeared as you can see in the close ups. The contrast of the lights and dark give the painting an impact and take you on a journey. We always have our own interpretation of this kind of painting and something might resonate or not, but that's the beauty of art!